Impact: A Fashion and Communication Workshop

I am so excited for this! Have you ever seen someone and admired the way she dresses? Have you ever opened your closet and wondered why you had so many stuff and yet only 1/3 really gets worn? Have you ever listened to a presentation and wondered how a speaker can get so good at convincing people and wondered where the confidence comes from? Have you ever gone to a job interview or even a casting go see and no matter how many you go to, you never get picked?
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Top New Designers in the Philippines Compete in HYD’s Fashion Face Off 2011

In the Philippines resides talented individuals, who strive to make a name for themselves. These young gifted people need to be recognized. The Hot Young Designers Marketing Company (HYD) has that goal. HYD, for those who were asking me is a local partnership started by yours truly and Sharon Teng, one of my closest friends. We came up with this idea as an advocacy to discover new, young and talented Filipino designers yearly, equip them with the necessary business skills, and present them with an opportunity to start their own collections. The main event or activity behind the brand of HYD is a fashion competition called Fashion Face Off.