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Posts tagged "coffee"
Karen's Kitchen Red Velvet Cake at UCC

Karen’s Kitchen Red Velvet Cake at UCC

We love the Red Velvet cake of Karen's Kitchen that is being served at UCC. It was voted as one of the top 24 desserts by the Philippine Daily inquirer.


For those coffee addicts (like me!) out there, there is this new, quiet and elegant place in the new Eastwood Mall Promenade, cyberPark that you have to go to! I’m talking about Cafeccino by Dome. It is located at the far end of the park, facing Bikram Yoga center and Seven Eleven (which are right...

Figaro Summer Frost in 3 Flavors

For me, one of the disadvantages of working in a corporate environment is that we have to wear really hot and layered clothes, especially during the summer. Imagine wearing a think blazer on top of corporate blouses with matching thick slacks. Men have to wear long sleeved polos with neck ties or barongs. We hate...

Figaro’s New Dishes

Coffee, Tea and a Meal at their Finest I’m addicted to coffee, but that doesn’t mean that coffee is the only thing I look for when I go to a cafe. Oftentimes, during office lunches, we would scout good food and transfer to nearby coffee shops after. But we came across new offerings at Figaro...
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