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Purple Oven

It's November and I hear a lot of discussions about food and festivities. A lot of us filipinos love giving food as gifts. I remember my lola used to have an unlimited supply of food every Christmas since a lot of friends and fmily would send over "food" as gifts. I think a lot of people give food as gifts since it is the safe choice. Since a lot of people have been talking about cakes and pastries that are perfect to give as gifts (at least in my circle), why not go for the all-time-favorite... Purple Oven! I love going to their shop and smelling the freshly baked goodies. All of their stuff comes in a nice and classy purple box, which is perfect for gift giving.

Gifts and Graces: Make this a Meaningful Christmas

Ej and I, well, we're very meticulous when it comes to our Christmas gifts. Since the time we were engaged, we already made this excel sheet that contains the special people in lives. And get this, they are divided into different categories. For example, under "family" we have immediate relatives, cousin couples, single cousins, couple - adults, etc. Under friends, we again have other subcategories. Aside from the excel sheet, we also have certain themes per year. I remember last last year, our theme was sustainable development. Last year's theme was Pro-Filipino. Christmas shopping is actually a fun activity for us. The theme makes it more fun and 'meaningful'. It makes it more meaningful since you know that they gifts that you give, especially with themes such as these, serve more purpose that just 'gifts' for people you love. You are also giving 'gives' to the people who made them or to the country we live in.
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Mama Bear’s Cookie House

December is fast approaching. It's Christmas time once again and it's time to ready sumptuous and mouth-watering feasts. Of course, to end a delicious meal, we must not forget those tasty desserts. I love taking cookies with a warm cup of tea or brewed coffee. Yum! Speaking of sweets, I bumped into a set of deliciously baked cookies. It's called Mama Bear's Cookie House.
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Baked Twinkles

It was just recently that I took the recommendation of a colleague in the office to try "the best biscotti" she has ever tasted. I was quite curious, so I had to check out this online shop, Baked Twinkles. Baked Twinkles was formed just last October 28, 2010 by Veronica Co Kehyeng-Saulo.
Urbanears Earphones and Headphones

Top 10 Christmas Gifts For Your Techie Friend

Your closest friend would always be the most difficult to shop for, especially when Christmas time rolls around. If I could, I would give something very personal, attuned to his or her interests. One of the most difficult people to shop for would be a friend whose hobby revolves around techie gadgets. Honestly, what can you give to a person who’s already got his hands deep into some of the most interesting stuff today?