NESCAFE Creation Cafe

Nescafe Creation Cafe – Make Your own Coffee Mix

One of my dreams is actually to be a barista. I love coffee and I want to learn how to make my own cup of coffee. Well, Nesacafe and OgilvyOne (their digital agency), just made my dream and anyone else who dreams of coming up with their own cups of coffee. They recently created NESCAFÉ Creation Cafe. This newly launched project which is an easy way for netizens to concoct their own unique NESCAFÉ mix. From ingredients down to packaging design, you can now have your virtual coffee exactly as you like it.
Pond's Age Miracle with Intelligent Pro Cell ComplexT Product Range

POND’S Unveils The Future of Anti-Aging

Unlocking the mystery of youth has always been the pursuit of many women. Achieving younger-looking skin seems like an unachievable feat. As time passes, our skin cells lose their “youth” and skin cell renewal slows down, producing visible fine lines, wrinkles, sun spots, and uneven skin tone. Pond’s Institute presents the next revolution in the science of anti-aging with the new Pond’s Age Miracle. Pond’s believes that achieving beautiful and youthful skin is not limited to merely repairing surface signs of skin aging and damage. Instead, youth should be restored deep within to revive tired and dull-looking skin.