Rumer - Boys Don't Cry - Front

Rumer: The Boys Don’t Cry Album Review

Sara Joyce, better known by her stage name, Rumer, recently launched her second album entitled Boys Don’t Cry last May 28, 2012. The album has 12 tracks originally sang by men during the early 70s. What I love about this album is that Rumer was able to deliver the song as if she owns it. Her own version makes the songs unique. You wouldn’t have guessed that these songs were originally sung by men. This album really brings out the artistic talent of Rumer.
Linkin Park Living Things 2012 Album

Linkin Park’s Living Things Album

The wait is finally over for Linkin Park’s latest album “Living Things,” for it is almost two years since they launched their last studio recording (A Thousand Suns). They say, for a band to come up with a next album, is close to impossible because they can no longer compose better music, but Linkin Park proved this wrong. Their creative juices are still over-flowing even if it was years ago when they formed their group. Sixteen years is more than enough for them to mature and evolve to perfection. We see their continuous progression from their debut album, Hybrid Theory, which was the national anthem of the 20th century.
ToyCon 0011

Father’s Day at ToyCon 2012

What is the best way to celebrate Father’s Day? Answer: Spend it with your family. And the best place to spend it is at the 11th Philippine ToyCon 2012 held at Megatrade Halls 1-2-3, 5th level Bldg. B of SM Megamall. For a minimal fee of 100 pesos, you get an entrance ticket to see a huge collection of toys for all ages. You will enjoy viewing different types of toys from different eras and generations, from the newly issued toys back to the vintage and hard to find collectibles. Aside from the toys, there were also a lot of costume players gathered in one event aside from the annual Halloween party.
Komikon 00008

Story Tellers Unite: Summer Komikon 2012

Last Saturday, a special event for all comic aficionados, called “Summer KomiKon 2012” was held at Bayanihan Center Unilab Compound, Pasig City. The entrance ticket cost one hundred pesos (PhP 100), which includes a free event poster, newsletter, and post card. During the event, the latest comic book releases, not only from the well-established publishers but also from the small independent comic book creators, were launched. Famous comic book creators were present and were willing to sign autographs and allowed spectators to have souvenir pictures taken with them. Finally, discount and bargain comic books were also available for sale.