Amazing Krazy Garlic Salad

Krazy Garlik at Greenbelt 5

Upon landing on the second floor of Greenbelt 5 (escalator near Greenbelt 1), you will enjoy the aroma of garlic. Follow that scent and it will lead you to Krazy Garlik. Krazy Garlik is one of the relatively new restaurants from the Bistro Group. Most, if not all of its products, are made up of garlic (even the dessert!).
Bon Chon: love the Hot and Spicy variant

Bon Chon Chicken Greenbelt, Manila

After reading raves about Bon Chon in Ayala Triangle, we have been looking for other branches of this New York Korean food chain in the metropolis. People in Makati will be able to enjoy these double fried chicken in Greenbelt. People in Ortigas though still await the opening of Bon Chon Libis (C5).
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Canape’s Chef: Mini Kebab Burgers and other Canape Variants!

We were about to watch Robinhood when we saw the family in front of us, pull out a box of 'something'. When they held it, it looked like a mini burger - mini as in smaller than the size of your palm. In fact, the burger like thing can be held with the pointer finger and the thumb. After the movie, we went around Eastwood's Gourmet Market and we finally saw that mini burger!