Yesterday, my husband craved for pizza at 12:00 midnight. Seriously! The tummy of my husband is unpredictable. I was so lazy to get up and the grab the phone. Besides, I was busy playing Candy Crush (Oh my! I’m such a bad wife). The next day, lo and behold, I get to learn about the Shakey’s PCM app. PCM actually stands for Pizza, Chicken N’ Mojos.

The Shakey’s PCM app gives you access to an easy-to-follow ordering system, which is perfect if you are lazy to get up from your bed. The Shakey’s PCM app makes ordering pizza quick and simple since ordering can be done through WIFI or SMS using your iPhone and Android smartphones. The application can be downloaded thru App Store for iPhone or Play Store for Android. Downloading the app is free!

You need to completely fill-out a registration form, which is a one-time procedure. After which, you can go ahead and order! It’s that simple.

When placing an order, there are three PCM bundles to choose from:
PCM 1- Good for 4 to 5 heads (Php 880)
PCM 2- Good for 6 to 7 heads (Php 1300)
PCM 3- Good for 10-12 heads (Php 1850)
*Default is Large sized pizza and thin crust

For the Chicken and Mojos:
PCM 1 is 1 order of a 5PC/Buddy Pack Chicken N’ Mojos
PCM 2 is 1 order of a 7pc/Family Pack Chicken N’ Mojos
PCM 3 is 1 order of a 12pc/Party Pack Chicken N’ Mojos

For the softdrinks included:

PCM 1 has 1 order of 1.5L Coca Cola Product
PCM 2 has 1 order of 1.5L Coca Cola Product
PCM 3 has 2 orders of 1.5L Coca Cola Product

If you want to add pasta to your PCM bundle order, you can do that by ordering up to two orders of pasta. You can choose from the following:

Classic Spaghetti only
Carbonara Supreme only
Classic Spaghetti + Classic Spaghetti combination
Classic Spaghetti + Carbonara combination
Carbonara + Carbonara combination

The Pasta price is the same as the Delivery ala carte price:
Classic Spaghetti is at Php312.00
Carbonara is at Php339.00

Payment is also easy. You can pay through:
Shakey’s Gift Certificate
Credit Card using SWUP terminal or wireless credit card terminal

This is an exciting app to use! It makes ordering from Shakey’s hassle free.

Get SuperCard Perks through your Shakey’s App!

And what’s more, if you have the Shakey’s SuperCard, you can order the PCM and SuperCard buy 1 get 1 FREE pizza through your smartphone. If you don’t have a SuperCard yet, you can buy one using the PCM.

To know more about the Shakey’s PCM app, please visit the Shakey’s fan page ( or follow the Shakey’s Twitter Page @PHShakeys.

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