For the past 5 Sundays, our daily routine has been to wake up and to go to our Birthing Classes with Miss Rome Kanapi. I will write about the classes in my other blog, Waking up for the 9:00 am hasn’t been all that bad. Why? I always look forward to eating at Kebabers Katipunan for lunch!

Have you tried Kebabers already? OMG! I think this baby in my belly will love kebabs when she comes out. She’s always craving (or rather I AM always craving for these kinds of food).

Kebabers in Katipunan

Kebabers is located along Katipunan. It is a small restaurant that can accommodate around 30 people.  They sell really affordable kebabs.

Kebabers: Kebabs with Cheese!

Our favorite is this Cheese Kebab from Kebabers. It comes in Chicken or Beef. You can order a 2 piece or a 3 piece kebab meal. Just add  Php 15 for softdrinks. They have Pepsi products.


Cute buzzing tool to indicate if your orders are ready!

Kebabers: Extras

For those who are really hungry, you can order extras. Plain kebabs are at P25.00. Kebabs with cheese are at Php30.00. Fried Kebabs are at Php 35.00.

Cheese Kabab (Beef) from Kebabers in Katipunan

Look at how amazing these Kebabs are from Kebabers. Both Ej and I got the 3 piece Cheese Kababers (Beef). The Beef was tender and juicy. The cheese was warm and was squirting out of the kebab. I love the yogurt sauce, too, and the spicy sauce. It was reasonably priced. It was actually a good meal.

I also ordered these! They call it Chili fingers. Each order is at Php 60.00. I have no idea if spicy food cannot be given to pregnant ladies, but I really don’t care. I loved it! It was spicier than that of Chicken Charlie’s so be warned!

Kebabers Jalapeno with Cheese Sticks

Overall, my experience at Kebabers Katipunan was amazing. I can’t wait for Sunday so that I can eat there again!

Kebabers Katipunan

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