I can’t believe it! It’s already February. Time flies sooo fast! How are you with your personal and financial goals so far? One of the major financial goals that we have to achieve this year is preparing ‘enough’ for the birth of our child. To prepare well, we set a target that we are supposed to achieve by March 2013 (my baby’s due date).

We already laid out our plans and we knew that we were on track, until we visited Asian Hospital to check for the estimated costs for a Normal Delivery and a Cesarean Delivery. You can read about the approximate figures that you will need to save up if you or your wife will be giving birth at Asian Hospital in this post that I made for my other blog: Asian Hospital Labor and Birthing Room Visit

Our goal was to save enough for a Cesarean delivery (since a C-section is always more expensive than a normal delivery). So that’s what we are doing. It just dawned on us though that we need to save up for a Cesarean Delivery plus the cost for a Normal Delivery. Why is this so? Since doctors will always try to deliver your baby normal, you will have to pay for the Normal Delivery package. There are cases though when the baby needs to have an emergency CS since he/she won’t come out for some reason or the baby is in distress, then you pay additional for the Cesarean delivery kit (on top of the Normal Delivery package). Huhuhu! That means we need to save an additional 50-60K for February to add to our savings.

We really need to tighten our belts this February. It’s a good thing that I have had direct communication with Tito Sonny or Mr. Vicente Santiago. Tito Sonny has been practicing in the field of Attitudinal Training for more than a decade, working with various private and public corporations like San Miguel Corp., Philippine Airlines and First Manila Corp. He has this workshop on March 2, 2013, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm at Studio Snr, 3rd Floor, Millenium Place, 17 Meralco Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

Talking to Tito Sonny has helped us a lot in making things possible ‘financially’ (even in other aspects of our lives). For the Clean Bill of Wealth Workshop, the key takeaway is to ‘let money work for you.’ This is a 1- day workshop that highlights personal and professional discipline on having clear goals and getting through the obstacles to achieve them. It features real life exercises and practical talking points that supports your path to getting a clean bill of wealth.

Clean Bill of Wealth

The seminar is ideal for young professionals, young couples who are just like us. You can bring the principles with you in your marriage. Learn to manage your finances together early. For this seminar, Tito Sonny is working with another friend, Gus Cosio, who has had a lifetime experience in money matters.

For those who want to join, you can register in the form below:

I highly recommend this workshop! In fact, I have been sending out facebook messages to friends for this workshop since I believe that all of us will benefit from this :)

I hope you can join!

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