Since it’s the start of the year, I created a list of my top 10 food “& drink” related resolutions for 2013. I have a lot of lists that I plan to follow this year and this Food resolutions list is something that I really intend on following.

1. Eat more fruits

I’m not much of a fruits and vegetables fan. In fact, I only bought fruits during the new year, since it was required by tradition to have a bowl of fruits on top of your dinner table when welcoming the new year. But, since fruits are healthy, I will make it a point to buy fruits and have lots of them in our fridge. I will make it a point to eat at least one fruit a day.

2. Drink at least 2 glasses of water during every meal.

I always forget to drink water during the day. With this, I have devised a plan for me to drink just the right amount of water a day. I will now see to it that I drink at least two glasses of water per meal. The glass that we have is the tall one (probably around 20 ounces). So if I drink 2 glasses per meal, that would total to about 120 ounces a day or 3 and a half liters of water! Great strategy, right?

3. Do grocery shopping and know how each ingredient looks like.
I admit, I do not know a lot about ingredients and cooking. I don’t cook, so matching the name with how a food ingredient looks is difficult for me. This year, I resolve to do more grocery shopping so as to familiarize myself with food ingredients, vegetables, fruits, etc. I know I love eating and analyzing flavors, but matching the name of a food with the actual thing is hard for me (no matter how many Top Chef episode I watch :P).

4. Cut back on sweets.
Before my pregnancy, I wasn’t really into eating sweets. I guess when you’re pregnant, it gives you the convenient reason of eating for two. I promise though to cut back on sweets this 2013.

5. Have veggies with every meal.
I forget to eat vegetables. What I buy in the grocery are mostly brown rice, chicken and fish. I must increase the vegetables that my husband and I eat.

6. Go back to eating yogurt in the morning.
I used to eat yogurt in the mornings. I love yogurt. This helps me have a regular bowel movement.

7. Drop the iPad during meals!
It’s time for me to enjoy my meals and drop my iPad. My iPad, laptop and phone have been quite distracting. This year, I promise to do away with the gadgets during meal time and only pick it up again after I finish eating.

8. Go out and discover new food and restaurants monthly!
I will make it a point to “intentionally” (being the operative word) go out and discover new restaurants and food at least once a month. I will, of course, share with you our food experiences!

So these are my 8 food and drink related resolutions for 2013. Do you have your own list? Do share it with us!

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