January 2013 is an exciting month for all of us. It’s the time to create goals and to look forward to good things that will come our way. For most of us, a new year is like a restart button that we push every year. Based on our observations, event the food trends change on a yearly basis. For 2013, here are the food trends that we see will happen.

The Cleansing Trend
A lot of people will go into the trend of taking in liquids for detoxification for this year. There are two top brands offering this kind of service to customers. Ej and I have actually tried both brands. These are Juju Cleanse and Juice Jab. These two brands provide levels of cleansing programs or jab intensities that would fit your needs. One of my fitness goals for this year is to actually try to have a cleaner and healthier lifestyle inside and out. I know of a lot of people who want to take these drinks, too.

If you’re not too keen on taking a mixture of juices, a lot of people also go the ‘buko juice’ route. They drink a glass of pure buko juice a day to cleanse their system. The influx of the different buko stalls has made it easier for each one to have access to buko juice easily.

The Food Truck Craze
I first heard of the food truck craze from a cousin from the states. That was in the year 2011. It’s good to see that recently, a Food Truck Market was launched in Manila.

They have the market open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Do check it out.

The Home-based Food Businesses
With the rise of more and more entrepreneurial ventures in the country, we see that there are even a lot more home-based businesses flourishing in the country. These entrepreneurs are both from the young and the mature segment of society. We see a lot of variations, too, as to the kind of products being offered. It is so nice to see that innovation can also be felt in the food industry and not only in the world of technology.

Nutrition Newbies turned Experts
Gone are the days when people didn’t care about the nutritional content of the food they were eating. I think almost all of us now actually know the difference between protein, carbohydrates, and fats. Most of us are now enticed by food that are organic or those drinks that contain supplements like L-Carnitine and the like. With the positive effects seen and felt by people who are on a balanced diet or even those in diets that help you lose and maintain your weight like the Cohen diet, South Beach diet, etc., most of us are drawn to turn to a diet or food choices that would help us live a healthier and happier life.

Introduction of Food from Different Cultures
With the world getting smaller every minute, we, Filipinos are more exposed to food from other countries. We see that more and more types of food will be introduced and will be appreciated by our local palate. In 2013, we are looking forward to quite an interesting food journey!

These are just some of the food trends that we are seeing in the Philippines. Do you see other trends that you have noticed?

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  1. Bea Chua

    Hey guys! Thanks for making this awesome and useful blog. I needed some infos about what’s trendy about food for our business plan and your blog really helped and gave us a lot of ideas and opinions. Thank you so much! Keep it up guys! :-)

  2. Roxie Hernandez

    oh cool! I was thinking of the same great food trend for us Filipinos.. but I’m applying it to weddings. Please check out our site too! Thank you!


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