It’s a Friday once again. I have survived two weeks already of being a stay-at-home-wife (soon to be mom!). Hurray! I rejoice, because a lot of people said that it isn’t in my personality to be just at home. Well, well, well! To prove you wrong, I have been very productive these days. I have re-arranged my kitchen and I have bought these wonderful movable kitchen shelves from SM.

My Kitchen Project

I know it still needs a lot of tidying up to do, but it was a great improvement from how it was before. There are still things that I have to do. I have to install the hanging rack, which will be the home for all those kitchen cooking utensils that are now currently bundled up in a pan on top of my stove.

As I was cleaning the kitchen yesterday with our help, I suddenly craved for dessert — and mind you, I craved for a particular dessert. I wanted the Panna Cotta from Chez Karine. I noticed that I haven’t posted any reviews yet of Chez Karine in this site (I’m like that! I tend to forget posting these pictures). I realized that when my sister was busily looking at the pictures in my camera the other day. She stopped at the pictures I took of the Chez Karine menu and desserts.

Well, peeps, Chez Karine is this relatively new dessert and coffee place in Serendra. The serve one of the most heavenly panna cottas and puddings that we have tried.

Chez Karine Desserts

For their Panna Cotta, they have Strawberry and Mango. I tried the Mango flavored one. Yum! The dessert was of perfect consistency, not too soft and not to dry. The pudding came in three flavors: Vanilla, Muscovado and Chocolate. Ej tried the Chocolate flavored one. He liked it and mind you, my hubby is hard to please when it comes to desserts! Each of these panna cotta and pudding desserts were at Php 100 each. Each one also comes in a small, cute bottle which you can actually bring home!

Chez Karine also serves other desserts like Macarons (Php 50 each), Cookies, Entremets, Tarts and Pastries, and Honey Toasts.

Here is the dessert menu:

Dessert Menu

I heard they also serve good coffee. I haven’t tried it yet, since I can’t really take in caffeine yet, but I saw some being served and it looked yummy.

Here is the Chez Karine drink menu:

Chez Karine Drink Menu

I might drop by again later to buy the panna cotta and the pudding. I’ll try the other flavors. If you haven’t checked out this place, do drop by. Try their desserts and drinks and do let us know if you like them :)

Now, back to my home improvement projects ;)


P.S. To go to Chez Karine Bakery’s Facebook page, click here.

P.P.S. Try the macarons, too. I heard they’re awesome!

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