I remember one episode of Walang Hanggan when Ms. Susan Roces told Katerina, played by Julia Montes, that she looked different and she seemed to look ‘blooming’. To that, the latter replied “Buntis po ako” (I’m pregnant). A snort came out. Why don’t I feel that way? I wake up in the morning and question why am I in an irrecoverable state of Shrek-ishness?

Pimples have started to come out here and there. I always have colds and with that, my nose seems to be swollen every day. I feel like vomiting every second of the day. I have baby hair, which I cannot control. I have dry skin in some areas of my face and yet super oily in the other parts.

I surfed and surfed the net and looked for products that I can use for my face. I came across this very cool tool that Celeteque had in their website: http://celetequedermoscience.com/.

They had a skin analyzer in their website. I really wanted to take care of my skin and I really want to have that glow back again especially now that I’m pregnant.

The Celeteque Skin Analyzer will take you through different questions. You really have to be extra observant of your skin. Well, that wasn’t hard for me since I was noticing all these ‘skin’ (and body) changes occurring.

After all of these questions asked, the reply will be a list of the products that is right for your to use. This is customized based on your given answers. I’m ready to start and try using these Celeteque products. I’m actually excited and can’t wait to see the positive changes.

What’s great, too, is that Celeteque has an ongoing promo. If you buy Celeteque products, you will get more Celeteque products for free.

Do you have skin problems? Sulking because of those pimples? Do try using the skin analyzer and try out the product that ‘really’ suites your skin.

*Full Disclosure: Celeteque is a co-sponsor of the It’s a WAHMderful Life: A Work at Home Mom’s 101 Workshop.
Read more about this workshop at: http://manilareviews.com/2012/08/wahmderful-life-work-at-home-workshop.html

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