Ah, all the hard work paid off. I love living in our new home. For those who want a peek into our home, here is our dining and living room. It actually does not look like this on a daily basis, but this was last Saturday, when we had family over for our House Warming.

I was panicky during that morning. There were a lot of things that we needed to fix and do. For House Warmings, do not forget to do the following:

a. Create your guest list. Be sure that the people you invite can comfortably have dinner and (especially if you have a condo unit like ours) can fit in the area.

b. Plan beforehand on how food will be served. Will they get from a buffet table? Will household help bring the food to the guests.

my hubby preparing the food :)

c. The guests should be able to comfortably go to the rest room.

d. Expect that you will have a lot of extra food after the party, be sure that you have plastic containers so that some guests can bring home food — food that you cannot store inside your refrigerator.

e. Buy softdrinks and ice. Be sure that you have enough water for drinking, too. For 15 guests, buy at least 6 bottles of softdrinks (1.5 liters).

f. Place enough toilet paper in the guest bathrooms. Be sure that you have freshly washed hand towels and liquid soap.

g. Do tell your help to turn on the range hood when they are heating the food.

h. Turn on the aircon at least 30 minutes before the time of the party.

i. Have paper napkins ready on the table.

j. Have snacks ready and prepared on the table for guests who are hungry. This will be good while you all wait for the food to be served.

k. Ask the household help to offer drinks upon the arrival of guests.

l. Have condimends ready, from catsup, to vinegar, to salt and pepper. Also, have coffee, sugar and creamer at hand for those who want to drink coffee after eating.

m. Download and play unobtrusive music. Bublé always works for people of all ages! haha!

That’s it for all the tips I remember.

For our house warming, I would like to make a shout out to Joyce of Almost Gourmet for the delicious Chicken Shitake Mushroom Dish and the Fish Salpicao.

Chicken Shitake Mushroom from Almost Gourmet

For those who want to order, Almost Gourmet is a big help in holding parties in your home. Here is the link to their facebook page: Almost Gourmet

Thank you, too, to my mom for bringing these amazing Korean Dishes!

Do you have other house warming tips? Do share it with all of us!

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