I am no fan of cooking. In fact, if someone invited me to an event where I would have to cook my own food, I would come up with even the lamest excuse to not go to the event. But lo and behold, I am standing here holding this awesome Pineapple Fried Rice dish, which I cooked with my husband. It felt so weird, especially for someone who has not cooked anything. During a summer outing last year with officemates, they even had to teach me how to cook eggs sunny side up and how to fry hotdogs. That is as far as I go with my knowledge of preparing dishes. I am an expert though in food appreciation (aka ‘eating’).

It was a typical Thursday event, and I wanted to go to the event in a place called The Cookery Place, since it was so near our new ‘home’. The place was in Burgos circle. I thought it was a sit down dinner with a couple of invited blogger. Little did I know, I was about to get short course on cooking and it was a hands on activity.

The Chefs at the Cookery Place

When Ej and I got to the place, we said hello to some blogger friends. It was a quaint and homey little place with a huge kitchen that looked like a kitchen straight from a television cooking show. Instead of stainless steel panels above though, they had stickers of doodles from We Will Doodle. It was actually so cute! The host then mentioned that we group into teams for the cooking activity.

“what? Did they say cooking activity?”, I thought to myself. I was scared but then again, my husband was there and he, too, never really cooked anything before. We teamed up with another writer. The only thing that I was thinking of was that I was good at following instructions. There were three dishes that we had to cook. The theme was Thai cuisine, so the dishes were Grilled Beef Salad, Pineapple Fried Rice and Chili Prawns.

The chefs conducted the demo first then we had to follow with our team later on during the evening. We were quite efficient as a team. These are the dishes that they made:

Ej made the fried rice, our other teammate made the prawns and I was in charge of the grill and the salad. But every so often, we’d help each other out in each dish. It was a fun and unique experience.

The Cookery Place’s aim is to make cooking fun and easy for everyone. They have a schedule of courses and cooking classes that you can attend at reasonable prices. They make you eat the food that you cook so that you can actually taste it and follow how it’s done. You can also hold private events in The Cookery Place. A lot of their Saturdays are booked for Children’s parties. The events can also be for corporate client who want a unique venue and activity for team buildings.

The Cookery Place is such a cool and unique place to learn how to cook. Ej and I were inspired to learn more. Do check out the place!

For more information about the place, you can visit this link to their website: The Cookery Place

Contact Details:
Unit 2G & H Kensington Place
Condominium, 1st ave. Cor 29th St.
Bonifacio Global City,
Taguig City, Philippines

Phone:+632 8227068
Fax: +632 8227365
Email: info@thecookeryph.com

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