It’s 6:00 pm and I’m still in the office. Spending time in the office takes most of my ‘shopping’ time away. I love shopping. It’s very therapeutic for me. With every peso I spend, it seems like load is taken off my shoulders. Haha! Before I get to be more dramatic, I’d like to thank the inventor off online shopping!

I just bought a top this afternoon, while the IT guys were fixing my computer. I was busily browsing through the mails I have received. Recently, I registered in the Flower Collection site and it was a great surprise to see that I received a Php 250 credit.

Apparently, they have a promo. Here are the details:

I bought this cute top! yey! I love the style. It looks very comfortable. I’m sure I can wear it on weekends, while we fix our new condo unit.

This is a great gift from The Flower collection! Visit their site now and receive free Php 250 credit for shopping! :)

This is the link to their site:

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