I can’t help but brag! haha! Hey, can you fault me for enjoying purchases which were products of my own sweat and hard work? I know I’m months delayed from purchasing an IPAD 2, but who cares! I’m glad I finally got to buy one. Now, I’m downloading apps like crazy.



After getting this IPAD 2 at a reasonable price of Php 27,300 (yey!), I bought an elegant case for it. I wanted a case that was durable (since I have this habit of dropping and smashing everything… knock on wood!) and thick enough to protect my IPAD. I saw this brand called X-Doria on the wall of my friend, and I fell in love with the brown leather case. X-Doria is a newly launched brand of cased and bags for your much loved Apple device. You can check out their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/X-Doria-Cases-and-Bags/

I used it already for three days and I keep on getting compliments. One was actually from my boss. I wanted a case that would shout ‘I mean business’. I love that my case has a flap with little pockets, since I love keeping random paper notes.

I know that X-Doria has more stuff available. I’m not sure though where these will be available but you can leave a note in their facebook wall or check the page out every so often. Again, here is the facebook page of X-Doria: https://www.facebook.com/pages/X-Doria-Cases-and-Bags/

Have fun!

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