“It’s a beautiful night
We’re looking for something dumb to do
Hey baby
I think I wanna marry you”

I really love this song. One of my closest friends is getting married this March, and I am so excited for her. I love weddings. It’s always a big celebration where people dress up and get ready to parteeeh! Usually, before attending a wedding, I normally have everything ‘kikay’ done to get ready for the celebration. One of these preparations is that I have my nails done.

I wanted to get gel nail polish as I wanted my polish to last longer than usual. I went to Beauty and Butter in Megamall, and was inspired to get a vibrant nail polish color. I loved the ambiance of B&B Megamall. The staff was so accommodating and they even gave me an Ipad to play with while having my treatment done.

Beauty and Butter Megamall

The main star of this post though is the new gel polish that I used. The brand was Jennifer Lynn. I think that the Jennifer Lynn gel polish was just recently introduced in the Philippines. It’s a gel polish that dries quicker than the other brands. What I love about Jennifer Lynn as compared to the other brands is that this brand offers a wide array of vibrant colors. Check out Manila Shopaholic’s post to see the different colors!

Jennifer Lynn Nail Polish

The ladies who put my nail polish first cleaned my nails then applied a base. They then dried it under UV light.

They then placed the polish that I chose. For my toenails, I chose the color SURI. It was a little like a darker shade of Teal. I found it to be very sleek and fresh. For my fingers, I chose AVERY.

The ladies attending to me placed two coats of the polish, and my nails looked amazing. After drying my nails under the UV light, which took just about 2 minutes, they placed oil over it, so that the polish will maintain its shine. I loved that I didn’t have to wait long for the polish to totally dry, so in a matter of minutes, I was opening my bag and my wallet, without having to worry about the polish getting scratched off. I also loved how it looked. My friends noticed it and complimented the shine and the texture of the polish.

I’m sure that I will be coming back to try out another color. Try Jennifer Lynn and let us know about your experience with this brand. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. Mom-Friday

    Cute pink and blue combo! :))) Was also contemplating on Avery, but decided on a more neutral shade of taupe. Will share my experience on the blog soon! 

    • Anonymous

      Hi Mich! :) I wanted to go for a brighter shade this time! Excited to see your post! :) ~ Ginger


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