It’s raining, and there is nothing like a good bowl of spicy soup. It’s a good thing that there is this new restaurant in Eastwood called Komrad Mao’s Hunan and Sichuan Kitchen. The mere mention of Sichuan for me was very comforting.

After a hard day’s work in our freezing cold office, my husband and I drove to Eastwood to grab dinner before meeting up with my two “HYD” children, Marc and Klart. It was time for allowance distribution and lessons on branding. Before I met up with them, I was drawn to Komrad. I wanted to prep myself up for teaching lessons.

I wanted to have something spicy… really spicy. We quickly browsed the menu and were immediately drawn to the Sichuan Beef Bowl. Oooh, yummy looking dish, right? It actually is. For those of you who love spicy food, this is perfect. It has a ladle with holes that keep you from scooping the spicy sauce. If you can handle the spiciness, then you can scoop out some sauce and mix it with your rice. I love that the bowl had a lot of meat.

Another dish that we ordered was the Kung Pao Chicken (Php 198). Their Kung Pao Chicken was deep fried strips of chicken mixed with roasted peanuts. Each piece was crunchy. A little bit of chili oil was poured over some of the chicken as sauce for the dish. This dish, in my opinion is better suited to be eaten as pulutan rather than as ‘ulam’.

Over all, we were pretty happy with the service and excited to try out the other dishes. A tip though for the owners – please turn of the automatic air freshener that sprays after every x number of minutes. It’s too strong and changes the taste of the food. The food is delicious as it is and the ambiance is great.

Komrad is a good restaurant that you can go to for great tasting Sichuan.

Contact Details:
Komrad Mao’s Hunan & Sichuan Kitchen
Eastwood’s New Mall (2nd Floor)

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