I’m getting addicted to shooting photos of food. I haven’t been as much of a photographer though, as I have been a writer. That explains why in events, I have to have my technical director/photographer/husband/best friend in the events that I attend. But recently, I have been wanting to study photography, especially food photography.

For frustrated food photographers, like me, here is an article from Darren Rowse’s Digital-photography-school.com (I just learned that this idol of mine owns this site, too!) that you can use.


Here’s another article from Micheal Ray for Food Bloggers. He has some interesting tips on taking photos of food for your blog. http://www.foodportfolio.com/blog/food_photography/food_blog_photography.html

In the past month, I’ve been scouting for the good food photographers in the Philippines, so that we can  see their beautiful pictures and all go hungry!

PhotoKitchen Food Photography

Their vision was to make a site that would make people hungry! (just so you know, I really grabbed a bag of chips while looking at their pictures). They want to make good food ‘look’ even tastier. The PhotoKitchen team is composed of Mylene Chung, Dwight Co and Giannina Gonzalez. Mylene has been a photographer for 5 years. She is running the Living Room Photography Studios. Dwight is the graphic designer who manages the marketing and client relationship for PhotoKitchen. Giannina is a chef turned food stylist. She is the Operations Manager / School Administrator of the Center for Asian Culinary Studies, Manila. Also, she manages Buenisimo by Cafe Ysabel, located at the Eastwood Mall.

Check out some of their sample works:


From http://www.photokitchenfood.com/


From http://www.photokitchenfood.com/


from http://www.photokitchenfood.com/


From http://www.photokitchenfood.com/

So if you want to learn more about photography, check out out The Living Room Photography Studios classes. The Basic course on photography costs P4,500.00. This includes a Living Room Honorary Certificate, Basic Photography Guide, and 20% off on the next lesson.

Contact Details:
The Living Room Photography Studio

Unit 2 Lumier Realty Building, 285 P. Guevarra St. San Juan City
Phone Number: (+632)723-7630 or (+632)985-4808
Operating Hours:
10:00am to 6:00pm (but we extend if there are night rentals.)
PhotoKitchen Website
The Living Room Photography Studios Website

Jo Avila Photography

Another good food photographer in the Philippines is Mr. Jonathan S. Avila or Jo Avila for short. He took up photography way back in 1988. After graduation, he spent the next two and a half years apprenticing under Pancho Escaler of Chroma Philippines, Inc. (his mentor).

In 1997, he set up Jo Avila Photography, and now has well known companies as clients. Mr. Jo Avila is currently one of the fifteen Canon brand ambassadors for Canon Philippines.

He teaches Basic Photography, Advanced Photography, Basic Food Styling & Food Photography, and Advanced Food Photography & Food Styling at his studio.

Check out his photos…


From JoAvila.com

Jo Avila2

From JoAvila.com


From JoAvila.com


From JoAvila.com

Contact Details:
Jo Avila

Unit 114, Gold Building,
15 Annapolis street,
Greenhills, San Juan, Metro Manila
Email Address: pinakamagalingako@gmail.com
Mobile Number: (+63917)5305133
Website: JoAvila.com

Louie Aguinaldo Photography

Another site the I came across was the site of Mr. Louie Aguinaldo (Food Photographer Philippines). He has been taking photos of food since 1995, and is also the Technical Officer of DPI Photography Center. The DPI Photography Center provides services and resources for Philippine based photographers. You will see a lot of the pictures in his site, and a lot are of food that are familiar to us. Note that he has been taking pictures not only of food, but also of fashion, products, people, etc.

Here are some samples of his work…


From www.louieaguinaldo.com


From www.louieaguinaldo.com


From www.louieaguinaldo.com

Contact Details:
Louie Aguinaldo

The Food Photographer Philippines
Unit 5 Chason Townhouse
#10 Gen. Atienza street
San Antonio Village, Pasig City 1600
Mobile Number: +639175295706
Phone Number: (+632)6315193
Email: louieaguinaldo@gmail.com
Primary Website: louieaguinaldo.com

So, now can you imagine how it feels to be in food heaven?  Time to pick up that camera and start taking pictures!

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  1. Mike Anderson

    Yummy! Your site makes me starve. It is very challenging to be a food photographer; you need to focus on your goal and the right angle to have a perfect picture.

    • ginger

      Hi Arnold! :) Wow, great pictures. I hope the others that visit this post also see your photos. If I do make a second run of this topic, I will surely contact you :) ~ Ginger


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