It’s that time of the week again — we have drawn 2 lucky winners of a MiLi Power Crystal and a MiLi Universal Charger!

MiLi Power Crystal

MiLi Power Crystal

The winner of the Power Crystal is…

2010-12-15 MiLi Power Crystal Week 3 Winner

Cyrus Catalan

MiLi Universal Charger

MiLi Universal Charger

and the winner of the Universal Charger is…

2010-12-15 MiLi Universal Charger Week 3 Winner

Josephine Soliman Gregorio

Congratulations to Cyrus and Josephine!

We have ONE draw left (December 22).

So be sure to join now – you might just win the hottest new gadget in town from MiLi!


*trophy photo by Shorts and Longs | The Both And’s

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