Lately, there have been a lot of new little tea bars that are starting to cater to people who appreciate tea a little bit more than coffee. One of the newest is Happy Lemon in Promenade, Greenhills (where the ground floor of Fully Booked used to be).

Happy Lemon Promenade Greenhills

This franchise from Hong Kong was brought to the Philippines by Chris Tiu and his Xavier buddies. Aside from the “standard” milk tea fare, they have some unique concoctions that bring a new twist to the whole milk tea experience.

I ordered the Green Tea with Rock Salt and Cheese. I know what you’re thinking — funky combination, right? The trick with this drink: DON’T STIR and DON’T USE A STRAW. Drink it straight from the glass and the tea will seep through the foam, taking with it the flavors of cheese and rock salt. It was unexpectedly delicious. I found myself not being able to resist taking sip after sip until I finished the whole cup in record time.

Happy Lemon Green Tea with Rock Salt and Cheese

Green Tea with Rock Salt and Cheese

Ginger ordered the Roasted Milk Tea with Pearl Sago. The tea wasn’t sweet as most milk tea’s normally are and the it really had a “roast-y” flavor. “Parang sunog,” according to her. “in a good way ha!” she quickly added. Another hit apparently.

Happy Lemon Roasted Milk Tea with Pearl Sago

Roasted Milk Tea with Pearl Sago

Gen ordered the Cocoa Matcha with Brown Sugar Jelly. It tasted like Milo that was a bit sweeter. The nice thing about this drink was the bits of cocoa that were not dissolved — it added a nice texture to the drink.

Happy Lemon Cocoa Matcha with Brown Sugar Jelly

Cocoa Matcha with Brown Sugar Jelly

We hoped the servers could be a bit more pleasant — sana happier so that it matches their name. The owners frequently visit the establishment and help out so it added a nice personal touch. They are also open to comments and suggestions. Note though that the store is still on its dry run, with the official opening some time in December.

Happy Lemon is a new establishment and hangout that’s definitely one to watch out for.

*If you’re looking for more tea-centered places, why not try:
Bubble Tea

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  1. Vanyalao

    drinks are good but sizes are a bit smaller compared serenitea. large size for happy lemon is a medium at serenitea. and true, servers could be a bit more pleasant as they always seem to look stressed and annoyed.

    • Anonymous

      Whoah! Five on your first visit??? I think (I’m not sure), you really like Happy Lemon. :) Thanks for visiting, buddy.

      • Anonymous

        Wow haven’t tried that one yet. I just have to order the Rock Salt & Cheese everytime I’m there!

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