Are you looking for a bazaar? Thinking of already going shopping this Christmas season? Over lunch, I planned to go to the Megamall Sale, but I retracted due to the heavy traffic. It’s that time of the year again when all roads to the malls are filled with early Christmas shoppers. A lot of people are already looking for Christmas presents to buy so they are constantly looking for bazaars that they can go to here in Manila. My friend blogger, Boy Kuripot, made a list of the Bazaars that you can go to this Christmas season. Kuddos to him for making this list. You can check it out by clicking on this link: Boy Kuripot Manila Bazaar Schedules

Christmas Bazaar in Manila

Christmas Bazaar in Manila

Here are some tips when you go to a bazaar in Manila:

1) Bring only the essentials: My list of essentials would be a wallet, a shopping bag, and your Christmas list. I usually bring a big bag and stuff all my toiletries, but the thing with Christmas shopping is that there are so many people in malls that you have to take extra precaution in looking out for your things. The less things that you carry, the least worries that you will have.

2) Create a Christmas list. I have always kept my Christmas list in Microsoft Excel format from year 2008. Every year, what I do is I just update them for any changes (add people that I have met, etc.) Try to create a column for expected budget, in that way, you will not overspend.

3) Wear comfortable shoes. Get ready to do some serious walking. I do not recommend heels for serious Christmas shopping.

4) Do tracking of expenses. When you get home, do input expenses that you have made during the day. This way, you get to stick within your budget.

5) Do not be afraid to negotiate. In bazaars, there are stalls that give discounts especially when you get more than 1 item. Always, always negotiate and bargain for a lower price!

Those are some tips that we have for the holiday season. I love Christmas since people really shop and there are so many new things and products in different shops and stalls. Happy bazaar hunting and bargain hunting! Enjoy your Christmas shopping.

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  1. Evelyn S. Angeles

    We invite you to join our permanent Bazaar @ Ayala. Grnd Flr, 6797 Informatics Bldg, Ayala Ave cor Rufino St. Please check fb acct Blessings and Prosperity Events Management to view the Bazaar and Food Court also at the same venue and also to check details. Or you can call me at 5639470, 6645278, 09274566991, 09234560366 and 09085252265. Evelyn S. Angeles


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