We, Filipinos, love to have snacks or ‘sitsiryas’. I guess because we are a nation who loves food. When one visits a family in the province, they bring ‘pasalubongs’ or things from the city or province where they came from.

I remember my lola who just left for Bacolod the other day. She had one amazingly huge bag of different chocolates to bring to the province. These were all her pasalubongs. In the same way, when my titas and titos from Bacolod arrive, they bring bags of galletas, barquillos, piyayas, etc. ‘Pasalubongs’ are ways of showing our loved ones that we remembered and do care for them.

We came across Sitsirya, a company that makes local sweets, delicacies, nuts, etc. We saw them at the Food Trip of Power Plant, Rockwell. They had so many different snacks sold, but the Microwavable Chicharon caught our attention.

Sitsirya's Microwavable Chicharon

Sitsirya's Microwavable Chicharon

I’ve heard of microwavable popcorn but not microwavable chicharon. We were excited to try it, so we opened one of the 5 packs that was inside the box. The box of chicharon was at Php 200 so each pack was at Php 40.
Sitsirya Nutritional content

What you do is when you get the pack, shake the pack so that the contents are scattered then heat it in a microwave oven for 1.5-2 minutes at medium heat. And voila!

Sitsirya chicharon

It was not as salty as I expected. Most pieces were around 1 inch long and 1 cm wide. It was good to pair up with vinegar. This is a great snack to have while watching TV or when you have friends over.

The good thing about having microwavable chicharon is that you can send it to our kababayans abroad or family members abroad who are craving for chicharon.

For the other products of Sitsirya, you can visit them at their stores in different malls or you can check out their website.

Contact Details:

Ofrace and Efra Ocampo
Website: www.sitsirya.com
Mobile No.: 09178900347
Telefax: 7135040
Location of Outlets:
Market Market
Circle C Mall
Festival Mall
Robinson’s Place
SM North Edsa
SM Makati
SM Megamall
SM Mall of Asia

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