Being naked means that you have nothing to hide. You are willing to bare it all. This is true with Naked Juice Bar. Right at the center of A-Venue in Makati is a juice bar who makes shakes with no preservatives, only the finest juice from fresh fruits.

Naked Juice Bar Avenue

Naked Juice Bar A-Venue

They offer drinks, sandwiches and wraps. The drinks that they offer are divided into four categories: The Regulars, which are the shakes, the 100% Juice, which are th pure nectar variants, the Functional, which is a combination of fruits and the Specialty, which is a combination of fruits for a special function.
Naked Juice Bar Flavors

We ordered both the All the Way and the Burn Baby Burn. Burn Baby Burn was a mixture of Fat Burner, Pineapple, Banana, Coconut and Yogurt. It was one of the recommended drinks in their board. We both liked the subtle sweetness, as I think the yogurt made it less tangy. We recommend that you try this. As for All the Way, which was made of Fiber boost, Papaya, honey and Orange. We didn’t like the taste of this, but if you are looking for a drink made up completely of fiber, this is the drink for you. You can even tastes the fiber covering of the orange.

Naked Juice Bar

Naked Juice Bar

One thing though that disappointed us, when we asked what was the fat burner added or the fiber added, the sales lady said it was powder. I just expected her to be more knowledgeable of what ingredient or ‘powder’ was added. I hope next time they would be able to tell me if it were wheatgrass, l-carnitine or even ephedrine in that little pouch.

Anyway, it was a good drink for a hot afternoon. Look for your own favorite at Naked Juice Bar.

Contact details:
Robinson’s Midtown
A-Venue Mall
Mall of Asia
Mobile No.: 09175338787 / 09228183605

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