Are you celebrating Father’s Day at the comfort of your own home? You may order this amazing Hainanese Chicken rice that we tried recently. It was from Mrs. Kee’s.
Mrs. Kee's Hainan Chicken Rice

The story of Mrs. Kee’s started in the 1980s. Because of frequent trips to Singapore on business, it encouraged the owner to come up with a recipe that would have her family enjoy the Hainan Chicken Rice. Her family loved her recipe and even friends, as they would give the dish as gifts. They always got good feedback and friends would encourage them to turn it into a food business. So this year, this family decided to share this dish with other families; thus, the brand Mrs. Kee was conceptualized.

Mrs Kee's Hainan Chicken

Mrs Kee's Hainan Chicken

We got to try this dish and my husband and I loved it. We couldn’t get enough. Each order can be served for 4-6 people. The chopped hainan chicken came in one container and the rice came on a separate dish. The chicken had flavors of herbs and looked liked it was in olive oil. Be sure to have it soaked in the sauce so that the flavor would seep through the chicken. It was also meaty. Some of the Hainan chicken that we have tried in the past were all bones, but not this one.

Together with the dish were three sauces that you can use for the chicken: Chili sauce, Ginger sauce and sweetened dark soy sauce. Be sure not to put too much chili sauce. It was very spicy.

Mrs. Kee's Hainan Sauces

Mrs. Kee's Hainan Chicken Sauces

The rice was also delicious. It matched the flavors of the chicken and it was also filled with herbs.
Mrs Kee's Chicken Rice

Each order is at Php 890. Orders should be placed 1-2 days before pick up and the time of pick up should be mentioned to keep the order hot and fresh! Pick up for now, is just at Wilson, San Juan.

Contact Details:
Mrs. Kee’s

Tel. No.: 6641215
Mobile No.: 0917-5348625
Facebook page: click here


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