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Honestly, i’m not a risk taker. At times though, I am tempted to go through different “body” treatments that are being offered in the market. I’m sure a lot of ladies reading this post has one way or the other felt the same and dreamed of achieving a sexier (but healthy) body.

Although we have tried to cut down on calories and even worked our asses off by running on the treadmill for hours, we still end up frustrated when we do not see the results that we want. But of course, we are too scared to go under the knife and have liposuction. Therefore, we look for alternatives. I have heard especially of Flawless Aesthic Clinic’s treatments, such as the Meso Lipo and the Nano RF. Ooooh, technical terms! Well, we have asked people from Flawless to explain these two treatments and what to expect from each:

Flawless, with 32 clinics nationwide, has been offering value for money and high quality services and products for eight years now. They recommend removing fat through two innovative and sophisticated processes – Meso Lipo, which is a minimally invasive procedure that uses microinjections to remove fat, or Nano Radiofrequency (RF), which uses heat on the dermal layer to contour and tighten the problem areas through the stimulation of collagen. These treatments can be done for both men and women.

Both Meso Lipo and Nano RF are simple and quick to perform (takes less than an hour). Neither of them have major side effects, although some redness can be expected. For Meso Lipo, you can expect mild bruising in the areas that are healing from the microinjections, but otherwise you’re ready to party!

For both procedures, repeated visits are essential for major results to be evident and for any changes to last. Flawless offers packages at excellent deals. After some time you’ll notice that you get to keep your dream body even without coming back, especially if you supplement your treatments with a proper diet and exercise.

According to Dr. Margaux Cu, one of the many professional doctors or Flawless, starting off with Meso Lipo to suck the fat out of your cells then sustaining the loss through Nano RF is a viable way of trimming and contouring the body. “First you remove the fat with Meso Lipo, which injects compounded medicines into the cells that store the fat, effectively dissolving it,” she explains. “Then you use the heat of our RF machines to contour and trim the area. Also don’t forget – the proper diet and exercise regime are still essential for maintaining your weight loss.”

I have actually not yet tried these treatments, but it has definitely piqued my interest. Have you already tried this? What do you think?

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Tel. No.: +(632)9947651

*Friendly reminder: Remember to check with a licensed doctor before embarking on any fitness program.

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