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There is always a point in our lives that we thank Him for the blessings that we have. Even in the most trying of times, we have to be grateful because there are a lot others who are less fortunate than we are. Driving around the streets of Manila, we see a lot of kids in ragged clothing and begging. We can help these kids by donating to Children’s Hour.
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The concept behind Children’s Hour, a non-profit organization, is that they ask at least one hour of our earnings or a company’s earnings to help improve lives of these less fortunate Filipino children. Since they are still children, they do not have the capacity to earn yet. Do you know how much you we’d be able to help if we give a part of our earnings? Check out these statistics:

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Some of the projects of Children’s hour are:

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The Future of the Filipino Children is in your Hands!

Center of Excellence in Public Elementary Education (Centex). The emergence of technology as an integral teaching tool created a wider gap between private and public schools. CENTEX aims to narrow this gap by designing its curriculum to give technology prominence across all subject areas. The intent of CENTEX is to ensure that all its students from marginalized families become successful, lifelong learners prepared for the complex challenges of the information age of the 21st century.

Sharing the Light aims to increase English, reading and writing proficiency in public school students through the rehabilitation of public high school libraries, including the conduct of librarian training and reading programs.
Project Cost: P 69,000 per library
Partner Organization: Pathways to Higher Education

Building a Learning Community Program’s goal is to enable elementary school children to become independent learners and increase their functional literacy rate in English, Science
and Math.
Project Cost: approximately P 1.1 million per community of 40 schools
Partner Organization: Synergeia Foundation, Inc

Childstart-BATA is a holistic pre–school education program that includes strong values–based curriculum, teacher training, parents’ formation, and supplementary feeding designed to
prepare incoming Grade One students mentally and physically.
Project cost: P 250,000/batch of students
Partner Organization: Couples for Christ Educational Foundation, Inc.

School-Based Psychosocial Program for Children of Overseas Filipinos addresses the psychosocial cost of migration to children of overseas Filipinos and promotes an environment that inspires them to aspire for excellence in education by realizing the value of their parent’s hard work abroad.
Project Cost: approximately P 800,000 per province (10 sites)
Partner Organization: Atikha Overseas Workers and Community Initiative, Inc.

St. Bernard Educational Trust Fund is a special project for orphaned survivors of the massive Leyte landslide in February 2006. The project spans 11 years, since Children’s Hour committed to support 56 scholars from elementary thru high school.
Project Cost: approximately P 7M for the SBETF Endowment
Partner Organization: Philippine Business for Social Progress

These are the flagship projects of Children’s Hour. They also have other one year projects that they take care of. These are also in collaboration with other partners.

On how to donate, please click on this link: How to Donate to Children’s Hour?

Click here to go to the Children’s Hour Website.

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