Italian Gelato on a Stick

It’s so hot! On our search for something cold to eat or drink at Trinoma, we stumbled on a new discovery — Stick House.


Stick House offers gelato on sticks! It looks like the typical drumstick or popsicle stick, but you get to choose toppings & dips – it’s customized! I love customized desserts!

For the base ice cream, you can choose from Premium, Regular or Sorbet Flavors. Under Premium, they have Coffee (Php 80). Under Regular (Php 70), they have Milk Cream, Chocolate and Gianduia and under Sorbet (Php 60), they have Mango and Strawberry.

They offer toppings to be placed on the ice cream stick. These were the available toppings: Almonds, Hazelnut, Coffee and Pistaccio. All were at Php 25 per full topping except for Pistaccio at Php 40 for full topping. They also have chocolate dip available at Php 35 for a full topping. For the toppings and the dip, there was a choice of ‘Half’ or ‘Full’. My first question was what was with the choice of ‘half and full’ and second and more importantly, how will they be able to place the toppings on top of an ice cream bar?

Ej ordered a chocolate based bar with almonds on top. I ordered a milk cream base with half chocolate dip and half almonds. The lady got the ice cream base popsicle and placed it on a tray of almonds.


She then wore gloves and pressed fistful of almonds into the ice cream base. Ang dami!!! So, that was how it was done!



For my half order, she dipped half of my ice cream bar into the chocolate dip. The dip is the typical chocolate dip that hardens in contact with cold ice cream. She then proceeded to take handfuls of almonds and made sure that I couldn’t see my popsicle underneath the thick layer of almonds.


The gelato itself was rich and creamy! You will really be able to notice the difference between this gelato and ordinary ice cream. And the toppings are generously placed on your order.

It’s the type of dessert that you will crave for! I know I’ll be coming back to try the other flavors.

Contact details:
Stores are located in Trinoma (Cinema level) and SM North EDSA

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15 Responses

  1. Isuatengco

    we’ve tried it and it was a great treat for my daughter.. she wants to try all the flavors! yummy gelato, mom! stick house megamall.

  2. Manila Reviews

    Got your email, ann! Hope we can get to deliver it to you just in time. Manila Reviews will be flying to Cebu this weekend so hopefully we can give it to you on the 29th.Thanks!

  3. Ann

    wow, super thanks!i just emailed you.again, thank you…i love ice cream!!! and i love your blog!(",)

  4. Manila Reviews

    Hi ann!We have a buy 1 take 1 coupon. Do you frequent the ortigas area? Please email us where we can send it. :)xoxo,

  5. Ann

    hi again! long time no comment here…i saw stickhouse at Megamall yesterday and tried one… wow, really cool for this summer!!!

  6. Manila Reviews

    Hi dinjcons! We were actually talking about Galatisimo this morning. Don't worry! We will feature it soon.

  7. Ann

    hehe… i'll watch Alice in SMNE this coming Saturday…. i'll pass by Stick House

  8. EJ

    @Ann: Yes, you HAVE to try this one. YOU HAVE TO. This is my favorite find of the last 2 months! :D

  9. Ann

    i'd better try this one… looks yummy and something different… it's not like your usual popsicles


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