As a thank you for your wonderful support, we are giving out prizes for the 2 lucky “commenters” on the blog this month of March!

The prize:

375 ml Bottle of Starbucks Syrup
Every 2 Weeks!


Just leave a comment that makes sense. You can’t just leave “QWERTYUIOP” and expect to win, dammit! Preferably, it’s a comment on what you like about the blog and/or what you think can be improved.

There will be 2 draw dates:
March 14, 2010 (comments left from March 1 12am to March 13 11:59pm included)
March 28, 2010 (comments left from March 14 12am to March 28 11:59pm included)

Choosing the winner:

I’ll enter the list of commenters (or should it be commentators?) in’s random list generator.

I will generate a random list with timestamp exactly “2010-03-14 09:00:00 UTC” & another one with “2010-03-28 09:00:00 UTC”. (or as close to that as possible — promise once lang ang draw). The first 2 names in the randomized list wins the prizes respectively. I’ll even post a screenshot to be fair! :)

Good luck, everybody!

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6 Responses

  1. Manila Reviews

    Hi Tands! Glad to hear that you frequent Thanks for dropping a comment and hope to hear from you more! :)

  2. Tands

    Hi! I always read your blog but this is my first time to write a comment. Hope to discover more food finds from you. Thanks!

  3. EJ

    Hi Ann! Yup, all comments on all posts are counted… basta within the promo period! :)Hey that gastronomic adventure thing's a good idea for a next prize! Thanks! :)

  4. Ann

    ooohhh that's nice!are comments on your other posts counted or just here in this post? thanks!wish we could come on one of your food trips… i really love to have gastro adventures…


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