Enderun College offers educational programs, trainings, & short classes through Enderun Extension.

Their latest offering is a demonstration of classic french cuisine (Foie Gras au Torchon, Carre de Porc aux Pruneaux Sauce Riesling, and Fraisier) to be done by Enderun Executive Chef Marc Chalopin. So you just go there to watch, you ask? Nope, you get tasting portions! It’s like Food Network but you get to eat the food!

It’s priced at P1500 per person (inclusive of tasting). They offer 2 demos: on March 6 in French language and on March 20 in English. Registration starts at 830am.

For more info, you may contact Monica Salamatin @ 632 856 5000.

(images came from Enderun’s email)

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