Portuguese Fushion… Taste the Dream

When we thought we have tasted them all – Chinese cuisine, Japanese food, authentic Italian dishes, etc., a restaurant like O’sonho is built. O’sonho is the newest and probably one of the few Portuguese Fusion restaurants in the Metropolis. Personally, I do not know of others as of yet.

My first encounter with this restaurant is when we visited its branch in Jupiter. The amazing wall paintings or murals captured the and said much about the cuisine of the place.

In my initial visit, I ordered the Peri-Peri Chicken on Fragrant Chicken Rice. I immediately loved it. I love the spicy flavor of the dish and the way the chicken was cooked was just right. The skin was a little crispy but the chicken meat was left tender. They say they only use the purest olive oil, so not only is it a very appetizing dish, it’s also a healthy one.

On our second visit, we visited their new Eastwood branch located near Make Room. The only downside right now is that the location is not visible when you exit the new Eastwood mall. The restaurant is facing the main street. But the visit to the restaurant is worth it!

For starters, we ordered the Cerveza Battered Fish and Chips (Php 260). This is their own rendition of Fish and Chips. Each order had around 5-6 long strips of fish with potato wedges. I loved that the batter was a little spicy and their signature perinaise went well with the dish.

For the vegetarians, the Avocado Cream Salad (Php 310) is a must try. The dish was presented beautifully. The salad was made with the following ingredients: crispy lettuces, cucumbers, oranges, apples, cashew, walnuts, shrimps, and tomatoes. The dressing was quite unique — a healthy creamy avocado pulp dressing that made the whole dish feel refreshing.

EJ ordered the Bacalhau de O’sonho — a Portuguese staple – the dried salt cod. It was pretty salty (as expected) but the tomato complimented it nicely and the flat pita bread made the dish feel light. Although light, it was still pretty filling.

If you have never tried Portuguese cuisine, drop by O’sonho!

Contact Details:
20 Jupiter Street, Makati City
Tel. No.: 8963289 or 0922-8707844
1880-5, 1880 Building, New Eastwood Mall
Eastwood Cyber Mall, Bagumbayan, Quezon City
Tel. No.: 4701768 or 0922-8707844

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  1. Frank L

    O'Sonho Portuguese Fusion Resto not worth spending for. Unreasonably overpriced with a price of soda can at 65. Lemonade colored water at 210. Order taker had no difficulty explaining menu items. Poor knowledge about the Bacalhau. I asked if it was a fillet and he confirmed it. Entree came with I assume bits and pieces dipped in some sauce that tasted weird. It wasn't a fillet at all. I complained and woman server took back the order hesitantly making a face as if I said something wrong and did not offer an apology. Come billing time the Bacalhau was not removed from the bill. I had to call their attention. Again no apology was made. Upon leaving the woman server who took back my Bacalhau looked me straight in the eye as she passed me by. I waited for 2 seconds – No thank you at all. Attached to the bill was a suggestion sheet. Maybe they know their level of service. But if they really meant to improve then they should do rule no. 1 of restauranting – apologize and thank your customers. Am not going back to this lousy joint with hotel like prices. The only thing good though is the Periperi Chicken.


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