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We should all be thinking about how we can help save the environment already. The past storms (I can hardly keep track already) have already been a wake up call for us to try and do good things already that would help save our country, our earth and each other.

I admire the makers of this one store in Serendra. The store is called EchoStore, which has the philisophy embracing a holistic philosophy of harmony with one’s Self, the greater Community and the Environment. All the products that they sell are natural, organic, recyclable and earth friendly. ECHO is short for Environment and Community Hope Organization.


In the shelves are seen the three owners of this store and what their favorite products are. These three are Reena Francisco (Operations, Finance, Product Development), Jeannie E. Javelosa (Communications, Product Sourcing and Events) and Chit Juan (Marketing and Organizational Interface).

When you enter their store, you would notice that they have various products. Their store actually got me curious that’s why we entered. I noticed that their products were local products, that made me and EJ love their store more. Upon reading their site when we got home, these products are environment friendly, sustain marginalized, indigenous and creative communities, support poverty alleviation programs, are created with fair labor practices, are animal-friendly, express Filipino design excellence.

It was a good feeling that we bought from that store. The first thing we bought was Coco Naturale. It’s sugar extracted from coconut. We first saw this product when we had dinner at Via Mare with Bishop Bacani. He noticed the sugar substitute and he wanted to buy the product. We remembered him so we bought a box for him at the EchoStore. Obviously, this is a great place to get gifts for the person who has everything or doesn’t want anything. :)

The other product we bought was Uncle Robert’s Charcoal Char-Sorber. This is for taking out the odor from stuffy closets, refrigerators, shoes, cars, etc. EJ tried it in his shoe closet and it was pretty effective.


They also have GC’s available that you can give as gifts. They also have packs that they suggest for gifts.


Even the bags that they use for the stuff that you buy are recycled.


They also have a cafe inside the store. They call it EchoCafe. They sell cold and hot drinks, juices, malunggay pan de sal sandwiches, sampler sets, snack sets, pizza crisps, melts and pastries.


I highly recommend this store when you buy your Christmas gifts. You will be helping a lot of people, plus you will be helping the environment.

Contact details:

EchoStore shares space with Kape Isla, Home of Philippine Coffee
G/F Serendra Piazza, McKinley Parkway
Fort Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Tel.: 901-3485
E-mail feedback on EchoStore to Jeannie Javelosa at
E-mail inquiries about products to

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