Lunch has been one of our (okay — MY) biggest spendings every month. Spending each weekday at work and buying from restos really takes its toll on my wallet. This got me looking for a good alternative and I found one — Chow King’s Duets.

It’s basically 2 viands and a cup of rice for P79.00. Not bad!


I ordered Lumpiang Shanghai and Mandarin Chicken. I’ve always been a fan of Lumpiang Shanghai and this one didn’t disappoint. It was a bit soggy already but still pretty good. The Mandarin Chicken really did taste like Mandarin Chicken — they even include a little slice of mandarin orange. Pretty good considering that this is fast food.


We’ve also tried the Sweet n’ Sour Fish, the Crispy Fish, and the ChopSuey. They were all pretty good — definitely better than the normal cafeteria meals.



Easy on the wallet, delicious, and fast — perfect for an office lunch. Go try out the Duets now!

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  1. Manila Reviews

    Thanks for the comment Yojichan! We'll try out your suggestion.

  2. yojichan

    i regret to say but the Duets were an epic fail for me. their food serving look absolutely nothing like the pretty pictures they post on the menu. for 79 pesos, there are more options and better options to choose from. the only reason chowking is worth going to is their halo-halo and buchi. but if you wanna check out reasonably priced and you get exactly the kind of food you see on the menu board and the flavor is awesome and homey, go to Nitz along Espana across UST.


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