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Cereal Bar Mosaic

Fact: Calling something a granola bar, doesn’t make it a healthy snack. Some of these commercialized bars are loaded with sugar. It could have been better to have just snacked on a sugar free ice cream treat instead.

Again, during my search for sugar free snacks, I stumbled upon local makers of granola bars with a no-sugar added variant and without any trans fat, preservatives or artificial flavoring.

The company is called The Muesli-Granola Kitchen & Bakeshop (subtitle: The Happy Food). And indeed, I was very happy since the flavors were both familiar and delicious. I tried the no-sugar added variants. The flavors were:

Crispy CremeNut: Oh my! It’s been a while since I have had a donut and to tell you honestly, the flavor of the this one really brought the memories of the taste of the donut we so love. This bar has almonds and cashew nuts for that protein fix.

Crisp Ahoy: I like this the best. I love the taste of the little chocolate bits. It also has walnuts for those who love nuts.

No-Nut Sense: For nut-aholics like me, you will love this variant. This is a crunch bar with whole wheat cereal.

The sugar substitute that they use is a natural sugar replacement made from sugarbeets.

I found them in The Podium, Ortigas but I’m not sure how long they’ll be there. In any case, here are their contact details:

Mobile #: 0917 8118673

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2 Responses

  1. Manila Reviews

    Hi u8mypinkcookies!

    Just saw them in one of those weekend mini bazaars at the Podium. I haven’t seen them anywhere though after.

  2. u8mypinkcookies

    nice.. I like granola bars and cereals (i don’t eat it with milk.. i munch on ’em like chips, LOL!) :D

    do they have stalls in malls kaya?


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