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    May 23 - 5:07 pm

    Dear Syd,
    Thanks a lot for sharing your views with us about the SSS system. I definitely agree with you that the SSS website required to reform their website link and the staff required to have further training. I have had a very bad experienced in SSS, but I will not mention it here as I would like it to be resolve from their internal offices as it is deemed necessary. It is about the Death and Funeral Claims for which I find appalling level of services. They are making lots of excuses but it is an irrelevant excuse. A lot of them so slow processing documents and lots of them have been caught talking and laughing and not doing anything at all. SUCH A WASTE OF SPACE. It is time for the Senior Managers to re-shuffle their staff…It is once again deemed necessary.


  2. Syd Castillo
    Jul 05 - 7:57 am

    My not-so-happy letter to SSS regarding the middle name (and not middle initials) on the new digital unified SSS ID.  I hope you don’t make the same mistake. , Enjoy reading!

    Dear Sir/Ma’am


    About an hour ago, I came from the Social Security System (SSS) Office at your branch located at the G/F SSS Makati Building, 6782 Ayala Avenue corner V. A. Rufino Street, Makati City.  And I am not happy.

    I wanted to replace my lost SSS Identification Card and I was impressed how efficient SSS was, on using its website to disseminate information.  I downloaded the forms I needed and followed the instructions on the form.  Brought with me the required forms to the SSS Branch Office and started to queue.  I was online for about 30 minutes.  The line was very organized and the Securtity Guards were very friendly.

    When my time came to be served, the gentleman on the counter, who was very polite, informed me that I do not have the complete documents.  He further informed me that SSS is in the process of upgrading its ID System and as such, the system changed from middle initials to full middle names.  This information was not in your website and I was upset because this entails that I have to apply for a birth certificate and I have to return back again.  Not to mention the time it will take!  If you are on my shoes, I am sure you will also get upset.

    In your SSS ID page in your website –

    Since you provide world-class services to your members (that’s your vision, by the way), there should be an advise somewhere that SSS is updating its system, explaining that the old system only carried middle initials and to change it to middle names, one should bring a birth certificate from the National Statistical Office.  Furthermore, it is really amazing how illogical for a government agency not to honor a public document.  I had my passport, which shows my middle name, but SSS does not honor If you do not honor the passport.  If you do not honor the passport, then why do you put in your website that SSS Form E-6 must be submitted together with any of the following primary documents – one of them is the Passport.  I find this very bureaucratic.

    Even the picture of the SSS ID in your website is an old one!

    And one thing more, to avoid people signing the forms with blue ballpoint pen (like what I did), perhaps you should consider putting the word “Use Black Ink” as a watermark across the form.

    I feel a victim of your system.  I can not do anything but to follow your system.  I am at your mercy.  I hope you are happy!

    Syd Castillo

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  4. ines g.gonzales
    Apr 16 - 8:09 am

    paano po ba makukuha ang sss id ko eh nandito na po ako sa bulacan pero dati nakatira ako sa cavite pero hanggang ngayon di ko pa rin nakukuha ang id ko

    • eugene
      Apr 17 - 2:42 pm

      You should be able to get it from any branch. But you might wanna call ahead to make sure.

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