Comfort food with a unique spin!

I learned about this place through my friend, Mae, a relationship manager from where I work. She mentioned that this place had a to-die-for dish, which was pinakbet rice with lechon kawali and chocolate bagoong. Chocolate with bagoong??? I couldn’t see how chocolate would work with such a salty ingredient.

AngelsKitchen pinakbet rice with lechon kawali and chocolate bagoong

The first time I tried it, I was with a group of RMs from the bank. I tried the dish my friend mentioned and true enough, it was pretty good!

We went there recently with my family and tried different dishes. We had the Crispy Steamed Dory at Php 378. I personally love this dish. It had asparagus, leeks and shitake mushrooms. Another favorite of mine is the Parmesan Dory at Php 378. This was served with with a glaze of ceasar sauce and crisp lettuce leaves. If you like fish, you will really love this melt-in-your-mouth dish. Their fish dishes were very creamy and fresh.

Crispy & Parmesan Dory

My sister’s favorite is the Mandarin Chicken at Php 328. It was their take on the lemon chicken in Chinese restaurants. It had a tangy orange sauce and, for me, the sauce was just right and not overpowering. I suggest you also try this dish.

AngelsKitchen Mandarin Chicken

The dish that caught my eye in terms of presentation was the Baked Salmon in Aioli Potato Crust at Php 478. Check the photo out! It looked so yummy!

AngelsKitchen Baked Salmon in Aioli Potato Crust

EJ, as usual ordered the Callos at Php 388. He says it tasted pretty okay but he scarfed it down in 5 minutes. (It has just the right amount of lean meat and beans — not all fat like most callos dishes. — ej) Haha! I also recommend the Longanisa Bolognese at Php 308, the Shitake Mushroom with Unagi at Php 338 and the Lamb Curry with Apple Raisin Chutney at Php 458.

AngelsKitchen Callos Longanisa Bolognese Shitake Unagi Lamb Curry

Ambiance: 3.5/5. The place was quite cozy. It’s a small restaurant that can accommodate around 40 people. Parking is a bit difficult though. It can only accommodate around 6 vehicles. The others will have to park across the street.

Cleanliness: 5/5. The place was very clean. There were glass water bottles placed on the table so you won’t have to keep on calling the waiters for water refills. The restroom was also very clean and quite spacious for a small restaurant.

Service: 4/5. The service was good. I love the bread and the liver pate that they serve while waiting for the food. They also kept refilling it until the food arrived.

AngelsKitchen Liver Pate

Food: 4/5. I love how the dishes were so unique — some had ingredients that surprisingly complimented each other. Others were presented beautifully! Still others were your typical day to day dishes with that little twist.

Overall rating: 4/5. If you want familiar food but unboring food in a relaxing unpretentious place, then go try out Angel’s Kitchen!

Contact details:
57 Connecticut St., North East Greenhills, San Juan
Phone Number:(63 2) 744-1018, (63 2) 721-8822

Angels Kitchen MAP

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