I can’t review Behrouz in its entirety because the past 5 odd years or so that the hubby and I have been to this restaurant, we only order one dish, the Chelo Kabab Kobideh and have never ordered any other.

The Kobideh is made of ground Beef skewered into flat metal strips and grilled to toasty goodness. The dish is served with two small grilled tomatoes and a big serving of basmati rice with butter. The rice is heaped over the two strips of ground beef in a big plate or a bandehado in Tagalog. We ordered one for each of us, ate in silence, grunting only in agreement, the only words being exchanged were “the best”, “sarap talaga” and “old reliable”.


Juicy Grilled Tomatoes

chelo kebab kobideh

The Kobideh is never complete without dipping it and the tomatoes in Behrouz’s garlic and chili sauce. Each spoonful is always packed with rice, beef and tomato. The charred beef, the juicy tomato and the yummy yummy rice is heavenly. (I stay away from rice on most days but a Behrouz trip is never complete without Basmati)
garlic + chili

Garlic Sauce Chili Sauce

then stir
Mixing the Garlic and Chili Sauce

then scoop

A Spoonful of Kobideh

Basmati Rice on Foodista

We used to frequent the Behrouz in Libis which closed down for unknown reasons. We then moved to Behrouz in Wilson, Greenhills and used to eat Kobidehs there if our MBA classes were at DLS Greenhills (during those times it was either Behrouz or Hot Rocks). Imagine how happy we were when Behrouz Metrowalk opened and it has become our old reliable since then.

Behrouz Metrowalk Interiors

We’ve gone through 3 menu changes and price increases but the Kobideh is comfort food for me and the hubby. The charred beef with its toasted edges, the juicy grilled tomatoes and scooping the loose, long grained and fragrant basmati rice is an experience we seek every now and then. You’ve got your beef, your veggies and your carbs, it’s a complete meal in itself. The total bill cost us Php 620 with drinks. Pretty pricy considering that other Persian restaurants offer less. But in our experience, the more popular chains of Persian restaurants sacrifice quality for price and use ordinary rice instead of Basmati. You really can’t beat the combo Behrouz has.

Hopefully, the next time we go to Behrouz, we’ll get to try some other items in their menu. But as of now, take our word for it, their Kobideh is a classic!

Behrouz Metrowalk

Behrouz Persian Cuisine

Metrowalk, Ortigas, Pasig City 687.27.59

213 Wilson St, San Juan, Metro Manila 723.833.38/725.3340

63 Scout Tobias St., Timog Ave., Q.C. 374.3242

One order of Kobideh is Php 270, Canned Soda is Php 40

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6 Responses

  1. Abby

    I don't write reviews but I do read blogs and reviews when I want to try a new place, sad to say my first review in Manila is a negative one. As an Iranian who has tried a lot of Persian restaurants in North America, Iran, Dubai, Europe, and even in Malaysia…I must say my Filipino friends get the shorter end of the stick when it comes to Persian food in Manila.
    After taking some guest to Behrouz in Sukat which is apparently newly opened, I felt embaressed to see these people represent a garbage as a Persian cuisine. NOTHING, and I really mean NOTHING in that menu or restaurant reflected a trace of Persian authenticity. An unfriendly Iranian woman was seating at the cash register gazing at the patrons which repulsed me to go and even complain. The food was swimming in oil and butter. Koubideh kabob was falling apart with no taste…Just a horrible and poor experience.
    I can not recommend any Persian restaurants in Manila as I have not tried any other one. But I hope if Behrouz is the first experience for anybody it does not reflect the Persian food in General.

  2. Ana Tiu

    In my experience in all Behrouz branches (Greenhills, Timog and Metrowalk) servers are not very accomodating. The orders will be taken by snob waiters who doesnt know anything about customer service. I think their bosses don't mind telling them about it's importance. One time I was in Metrowalk branch, and needed to use the ladies room, I waited for 20 minutes as one of the staff used the ladies cr to take a bath pa. What the heck!

    When our food was finally served (Beef Kobideh), the meat was dry unlike before it used to be tender. One more thing, I always notice the rice smelled of cockroach poop. Did any of you have the same experience? Madalas talaga amoy tae ng ipis yung basmati nila.

  3. yojichan

    We've been here before and I'm sorry to say we were sorely disappointed. the service was blah and the food made us stare at each other and ask ourselves..IS THIS IT? SERIOUSLY? We left the place and vowed never to return. However, the best kebab place we went so far is KAMAND KEBAB on Gastambide Street, Manila across University East entrance. excellent service, food and price..every time. you know exactly where your money went as well as the food. it's ALWAYS full of Persians so you know it's good food..they're doing it right.


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