For my turon loving tummy, this is absolutely indulgent. Ridged, deep fried potato chips covered in chocolate in a medium box worth Php 540.

royce' potatochip chocolate

I tried but failed to make the box of potatochip chocolates last a week. The hubby and I finished the whole bag in two days and we were already restraining ourselves at that.

bag full of sin

You can smell the sweet salty goodness once you open the bag. It literally made my mouth water then. My mouth is watering even now as I write this. Royce’ Potatochip Chocolate is a salty potato chip dipped in cool light chocolate. It’s a crunchy, sweet and salty conconction and the flavorplay is addictive.

However not everyone in our house were fans. My two brothers ate a chip each and their faces registered a very discernible WTF???. The combination admittedly is weird but you must admire the technology used. Only the Japanese can successfully coat a chip with chocolate while still maintaining the crunch. To my brothers though the sensation of a crunchy chip and chocolate was downright gross.

chocolate potato chip

Unfortunately, the medium box is the smallest for this snack. If you’re in the mood for experimentation, better share this with a few of your buds to split the 540 tag as you might not know what you’re in for :)

Here’s a fanblog for Royce’ chocolates :)

We bought our Royce’ at Powerplant, they also have a kiosk at Greenbelt 5.

Here’s the pricelist from their brochure:

Nama Chocolate All Variants – Php 580

Pure Chocolate (Creamy Milk & White, Sweet & Milk) – Php 540

Pure Chocolate (Caramel Milk & Creamy White,Venezuela Bitter & Ghana Sweet, Mild Bitter & Extra Bitter) – Php 580

Nutty Bar Chocolate (Small/Large) – Php 540/Php 900

Potechi Crunch Chocolate – Php 540

Potatochip Chocolate (Medium/Large) – Php 540/Php 990

Baton Cookies (Coconuts, Hazelnut & Cacaonibs) – Php 540

Chocolate Wafers – Php 540

Bar Chocolate (All Variants) – Php 250

Truffe (Orange, Kirsch, Praline) – Php 450

Kurumaro Chocolate – (Milk, White) – Php 820

Macadamia Chocolate – Php 690

Criollio Chocolate (Sweet, Bitter, Milk) – Php 450

Coffee Bean Chocolate – Php 690

Karintoh Chocolate – Php 570

Prafeuille Chocolate (All Variants) – Php 540

Marshmallow Chocolate (Milk & White) – Php 420

….this list made me hungry

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  1. yojichan

    I think the safest way to try out would be is to buy your favorite potato chip brand with ridges and all and dip one chip in chocolate. if one can handle the flavor..then splurging on 540 pesos for this food adventure would be worth it.


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