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I had the “FULL AMERICAN CHEESESTEAK” classic again. The first time I ordered this sandwich was maybe a month ago but in a paper bag “to go”. I liked it then and so I ordered it again, but I had it cut in half – one half to be eaten already & the other in a bag to be saved for later.

Yes, the orders here are quite big. The classic has approximately 350 grams of meat plus the cheese, for P320. One can have the “”Hoagie” a 6 inch sandwich with 300 grams of steak for P240. no soda yet.

Others are steak sandwich (Classic@P290, Hoagie @P230), Provolene cheesesteak (C @P390: H@P310), Pizza Cheesteak (C@P420, H@P340) Quite pricey but the “FULL AMERICAN CHEESESTEAK” was very good. The meat was tender & the bread was good.

One can eat on tables set up in front of the counter made of stainless steel designed to inovke the “diner” look.

They also had “fries & soda combo for P80 and one can order extra sides.

Quite pricey but a classic sandwich is quite filling and this is at Rockwell so maybe it is alright, price-wise? Maybe, not sure. But will surely return for more.

Forgot to take pictures, was so hungry that the sandwich was just one more bite away from extinction when I remembered that I should have taken a picture.

Next time.

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