Via Mare – Landmark- Trinoma

That first two names in above 3-name hyphenated combination brings back memories 25 years old or even older when we used to go to Makati Commercial Center in the “olden” days. We would go to Landmark & inevitably find ourselves seated in that “island” called Via Mare.

Only the 3rd word is new – Trinoma. But Via Mare is like an old friend, someone you can rely on. In this case, with their ever reliable Bibingka & puto bumbong, the Lugaw with toppings, the palitaw, the tokwa’t baboy, the goto & others.

It has remained the same, though we miss the closed Eastwood outlet. Via Mare is the standard merienda place, the old reliable. Its Power Plant Mall outlet is also a frequently visited one.

So, how do I rate it? You must be kidding, how else would I rate it after waxing sentimental. It has somehow remained consistent wherever and whenever (?). And I like that.

Nuff said!!

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