Date: March 27, 2005
Time: 1:30 pm

We should’ve stayed away!

Wanted to see what is new in this formerly often visited pizza & pasta house. Regrets!!

Their Philly Cheese Steak Pizza was bland, full of red & green peppers (check pic on the right). Buffalo wings was too sweet and the dip was obviously diluted. Emperor’s Pasta was not available and there was no diet soda.

One had to call the waiters to get refills on the sodas & iced tea, as they were all next to the counter. Same problem in the now closed Libis outlet.

The only good thing about the meal was the dessert, but it was something we brought in. Heavenly delicious chocolate cake from a stall inside Glorietta. But that is another review.

(this review was written by my Dad, Vic Arboleda!)

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