The Divoom iTour Omni Portable Stereo Speaker

Hurray! I have rendered five years of service to the company I work for. This is a reason to celebrate. Fresh from December, I am actually missing the gift giving and gift exchanging activities. So with this event in my life, I am hoping that someone gives me a gift that is wrapped in cute wrapping paper. I miss tearing the wrapper and jumping for joy after unveiling the surprise. This would be a very good surprise --- The Divoom iTour Omni Portable Stereo Speaker!
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Top 10 Christmas Gifts For Your Techie Friend

Your closest friend would always be the most difficult to shop for, especially when Christmas time rolls around. If I could, I would give something very personal, attuned to his or her interests. One of the most difficult people to shop for would be a friend whose hobby revolves around techie gadgets. Honestly, what can you give to a person who’s already got his hands deep into some of the most interesting stuff today?