Top Shot: Basic Photography Workshops

Basic Photography Classes from Red Sheep Photography

I have always admired photographers. If I had the chance, I would really want to learn the use of each function of my camera. I feel, at times, I don't get to maximize it. I wonder how others can come up with great photos, even when using the same camera as mine. Do you feel the same way? If you do, I'd like to share this workshop with you. It's called the Top Shot Basic Photography Workshop from Manila Workshops.
16th graphic expo

16th Graphic Expo 2011 and Photo-Video Seminars

I remember regretting not going to the 15th Graphic Expo and Photo Video Seminars 2010. It was such a successful event. I remember being in SMX, Mall of Asia at that time, and there were so many people during the event. This year, I really plan on going to the 16th Graphic Expo and Photo-Video Seminars 2011. This will be on June 16 -18, 2011 at the same venue, the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia, Manila.