Goal Setting

A Guide to Personal Goal Planning for 2013

Creating a life plan can be scary. Imagine creating plans for the remaining 30-50-70 years of your life. That's awfully quite a long time. But planning is essential. These are words from Dorothy Canfield Fisher, "If we would only give the same amount of reflection to what we want out of life that we give to the question of what to do with two weeks of vacation, we would be startled at our false standards and the aimless procession of our busy days." I got to read this from the free book, Creating your Personal Life Plan from Micheal Hyatt's Site.
saint patrick - Minor

St. Patrick Baby

Are you pregnant and excited to buy stuff for that little one that you're expecting? If the problem is that you still don't know the gender, then go with "whites". I came across this brand called St. Patrick. I super love their stuff since they all look so clean and cute. I love the brand since they have the basic items that you need for your baby at an affordable price.
logo bug and kelly

Bug and Kelly Music Inspired Kids Wear

I met this couple a year ago. I don't know if they still remember me, but I met them during a bazaar. Their booth was located directly in front of us. I had a brief conversation with the couple and they said that it was their first bazaar. The names of the couple that I met were Bug and Kelly, thus their brand is called Bug and Kelly. They make music inspired kids wear.
mommy week

Mommy Week at Manila Reviews: Featuring the Mommy Mundo Bazaar

Because of my love right now for anything related to moms, I am declaring this and next week as Mommy Week! Since I will still be a new mom, most of the stores I will feature are shops of where I want to buy stuff for our upcoming baby. I think this is also the best time to post since the Mommy Mundo Bazaar, where you can get most of the things I will be posting here, will be on November 24-25!
Coffee-mate 0001

Coffee-Mate Creamy Caramel

Contrary to what people think that I'm a 'specialty coffee' kind of chick, I actually love mixing coffee granules with creamer and artificial sweetener when in the comfort of my home. I use the sugar free Hazelnut Creamer of Coffee-mate. I prefer the sugar free one, since I'm almost always in a "low carb" diet. Although, this morning, after trying the Coffee-mate Creamy Caramel Creamer, I think I found a new love.