Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 00018

16th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta and Clark Hotels

I’ve always taken Clark for granted. It’s probably because in my mind, I have associated it with client calls that I have to do for my day job. This past weekend was when I have opened my eyes to see that Clark can actually be a good place to use for promoting tourism for the Philippines. It was a nice place to visit, not just for work, but for entertainment, relaxation, physical activities and for good food! Check out our pictures during the 16th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta!
El Mare Buko Pie

El Mare Buko Pie

If you have no time to go out of the country, then just drive south to Laguna. There are a lot of resorts there where you could stay and enjoy a relaxing day. I always think that these places in the South are the perfect places to go to to escape the hustle and bustle in the city. While you're there, don't forget to buy some pasalubong for your friends and family (and Manila Reviews!). Read about our review on El Mare Buko Pie!
Manila Reviews in Rizal Boulevard, Dumaguete

Bethel Guest House: My Dumaguete Christmas Part 1

We recently traveled to Dumaguete and looked for accommodations. although we stayed in our ancestral home, we wanted to look for accommodations in Dumaguete to share with our readers who want to go on a vacation there. One of the convenient places to stay in is at Bethel Guest House. This hotel is along Rizal Boulevard. Read more about it!
Global Pinoy Bazaar 2010

Global Pinoy Bazaar 2010

It's the "ber" months once again and people are brewing both coffee for the cold season (although it hasn't been raining lately) and their Christmas lists. Just remember though to try and finish at least 80% of your Christmas list before November 6-7, 2010. During these days, a bazaar of 100% Pinoy love and pride awaits you. This bazaar is the Global Pinoy Bazaar 2010 by Yabang Pinoy.
Negros Fair - Pueblo Bakeshop Quan Galletas

Great Finds at the Negros Trade Fair

My wife and I both have roots in Negros. So when the trade fair came into town, it was imperative that we go. And we were not disappointed! We found some really excellent quality items there -- this trade fair (unlike many bazaars today) was not about cheap prices but about high quality.