One of the best things about living in your home, even if it’s a Rockwell condo for rent is the fact that you have the freedom to do as you please and live as you please. The world is an infinitely expanding place and being able to experience at least one significant even in your life is already considered fortunate. However, there are many ways for a person to experience things from the perspective of another and this is through movies.

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The thing about movies is that they are a body of work that is done by a team of many people working towards a singular goal. Each movie has components such as a director, writer, producer, camera crew, actors and some cases, animators. Of course there are many more roles that need to be filled in making a movie but the point is that movies are the result of months of hardwork by many people. In short, movies are essentially the vision that many people share packaged in a couple of hours of entertainment.

Another point worth making about movies is that they are universally loved by many different people, each with their own preferences and tastes. Some people may enjoy action movies while others are content in enjoying romantic films. The fact of the matter is that many different people prefer many different things but the beauty with movies is that there’s guaranteed to be a type of movie for every person.

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One of the best aspects about movies is that they are like books in that they are a medium for storytelling and immersion. Sharing the vision of the writer, director and other members of the production team is one of the easiest things to do when watching a movie because you are seeing what they want you to see, you are hearing what they want you to hear and you are feeling what they want you to feel. Among the many genres of movie on the planet, it can be argued that one of the most universally beloved genre of movie storytelling is through animated shorts. These animated shorts are presented in formats that last 10 minutes or less and while they may not be as well-animated as a full feature film such as Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, their greatest quality lies in their ability to tell a full story in such a short time. Here are a few examples of must-watch animation shorts:

1. Bear Story – 2015’s Academy Award Winning animated short, Bear Story is a Chilean short animated film that was inspired by real-life events.

2. Feast – Another Academy Award Winning animated short, Feast is a short story about a romance between two people as seen through the eyes of their pet. The short movie offers a unique narrative because of its presentation.

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3. Omelette – Omelette is a short animated film that demonstrates the love between pet and owner. It offers a goofy if not lovable story wherein the pet cooks his sleepy owner some dinner because of his pet’s concern for his well-being.

There are many more animated shorts that you should watch but for the time being, these three are enough to make you fall in love with the unique storytelling that is the short animated films.

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