This week, for some reason, I have had a lot of conversations with people about online shopping. Some of them wanted to put up online stores (these were some of my mentees). Another friend was looking for effective promos that they could run for his online store. And I had these other conversations with my sister and husband about online shopping. It was about how convenient shopping online is and how our spending for things from online stores increased this month.

With the increase of our spending, we are now constantly looking for promos, coupons and coupon codes. How coupon codes work nis that you just need to copy and paste the coupon codes in the required dialogue box and the discounts can be availed. Coupon codes can be promo codes of occasional sales or an all-time code.

So in my incessant search for all of these coupons that I could use, I came across the Nordstrom coupon.

Nordstrom coupon to save on shopping!

Nordstrom coupon to save on shopping! is one of my favorite online shop! They have great clothes, perfumes, accessories, home ware, jewelry and bags that you can buy. It’s a bit upscale and they really sell items of high quality. What I love about it is that I get to save on shopping because I always use a Nordstrom coupon. They distribute it via other sites which offers the latter’s coupons to customers. Retail me not is one of these sites where you can get a Nordstrom coupon.

I think retail shops in the Philippines can follow the promo strategy of Nordstrom. Since online shopping is becoming more and more popular, I think all of the brick-and-mortar shops should think about opening online shops. It’s not as capital intensive as opening an actual store so the savings can actually be transferred to promotions or as discounts or coupons for customers. Offering coupons can to loyal customers and frequent buyers can also be an added incentive for people to remain as loyal customers.

Do you know of any other stores that use coupons as a means of promoting their products?

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