Honestly, I am not a “make-up” kind of girl. I had my first make-up set on my 18th birthday but my classmates were the ones who benefitted from it! Haha! Even when I started working after college, I still rarely put on make-up when going to work. And now, since I work from home, I don’t need to wear make-up for my job. My friends and family members have branded me as plain jane.

Just recently, I realized the value of ‘looking good’ when my son started doing modeling gigs. I wanted to look presentable when accompanying him to auditions and shoots. I made sure that I had light make-up on so that I won’t look pale. I also sprayed on cologne and fixed my hair (which I don’t normally take time out to do).

Now, if you ask me what I personally do to make myself presentable, I just have some simple tricks:

1. Always have something on your cheeks and lips. A good blush will make you look fresh and ‘healthy’. I like using Pretty When Pinched from Bench. One sweep for each cheek and with the use of your fingers to even out the color does the trick. It also lasts the whole day so there is no need to retouch. For the lips, I always have a lipstick, a colored lip balm, a lip gloss, and non-colored lip balm in my bag. Why do I have plenty of lip accessories in my bag? It’s because I put on whatever fits my mood on a particular day.

Wet n Wild in Zalora

If you ask me for a good make-up brand, I am a fan of American make-up brands. I love Wet n Wild. I love it because it doesn’t irritate my skin. For me, as long as that make-up brand does not irritate your skin and it fits your budget, then go ahead and give it a try. Wet n Wild is available at ZALORA Philippines. You can check Zalora for Wet n Wild and the make-up brands that they offer.

2. Tissue and alcohol are a must in your bag. When I was still single, I could afford to have a small bag, but now that I have a kid, a small bag doesn’t work for me anymore. I have to carry a lot of stuff from my wallet, to my gadgets, to a pack of tissue, alcohol, insect repellents, etc. A must have for me is actually the pack of tissue and the alcohol spray. With all the diseases that can easily spread airborne, I can’t afford to sacrifice my son’s and myhealth. These two things are for hygienic purposes and instant ‘retouching’. I have oily skin, so dabbing my face with tissue will remove the excess oil on my face. After which, I use the Pressed powder that I purchased from Zalora.  And for the alcohol, I use it when I suddenly get this feeling that I’m ‘dirty’. Putting on alcohol on my hands and arms makes me feel refreshed.

3. Her hair is woman’s crowning glory. I rarely go to hair salons to get hair treatments, so usually I just wear a ponytail whenever I go out. It may seem plain for some people, but I just want my hair to look neat and not going to places.

4. Dress up to the occasion. I guess a lot of people forget about dressing appropriately. There is no harm in asking for the dress code. Before, I thought only overdressing is considered a fashion crime, but now, I realize that under-dressing is worse. Also, posture counts. Don’t slouch to exude confidence.

I still believe in the saying, “Simplicity is beauty”. You don’t need to buy the best brands just for you to look good. As long as you look presentable and you carry yourself with confidence, I guess it does the trick.

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