In the days ahead, I am expecting a lot of family gatherings and a lot of eating out. My husband and I are trying to live healthier. We started on making that commitment this December. We totally eliminated eating chips for the past three weeks and we try as much as possible to each at home since we know how our food is cooked.

Why did we start with this commitment? We have been hearing a lot of bad news of people who are sick and dying due to diseases that could have actually been altered just by changing one’s lifestyle and eating habits. Sometimes, the only thing that we need to do is to be more discerning of what we use at home and we need to read labels. We are very particular now about the food that we eat and about the ingredients that we use. One of the changes that we made in our food intake is that we have our food cooked using Minola Coconut oil.

Minola Oil

We all know that the coconut tree and its fruit have a lot of benefits. One of the products that we get from this tree is coconut oil. People have believed that coconut oil is unhealthy because it was rich in saturated fat, but that belief actually only started as a black propaganda spread by the corn and soy oil industry in the 1970s.

In the 2000s, people studied coconut oil again and started seeing a lot of benefits of this product. Some of these benefits are keeping one’s hair and skin healthy, maintaining cholesterol levels, relief from kidney problems, preventing heart diseases, kidney failure, high blood pressure and diabetes among others. There are a lot of people suffering from these diseases and taking coconut oil can actually help in these scenarios.

Do you know that because of the presence of Lauric in coconut oil, it can also help the body fight viruses and bacteria? Lauric oil, a medium-chain fatty acid, is essentially the same substance found in mother’s milk. Pure coconut oil is made up of around 50% lauric acid. Inside the body, Lauric acid is converted into monolaurin, a monoglyceride compound which exhibits antiviral, antimicrobial, antiprotozoal and antifungal properties. It acts by disrupting the lipid membranes in organisms like fungus, bacteria and viruses, thus destroying them.

With all of these benefits, Minola, one of the leading brands of coconut oil in the Philippines for the past 50 years, partnered with organizations such as Philippine Coconut Authority, United Coconut Association of the Philippines and Coconut Oil Refiners Association in promoting the benefits of coconut oil. They believe that we need to know about these benefits that could help us live healthier and longer lives.
We use Minola Coconut Oil at home since it is rich in LAURIC OIL. What I like about it also is that Minola Coconut oil is really affordable. Normally, healthy products are really expensive, but by using Minola, I can serve healthy dishes that can help us in our goal of living healthier lives this 2014.

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  1. Ryan Orbe

    Nice post! I am also an advocate of healthy eating and lifestyle. I am a father of two and i love to cook with healthy oils including coconut oil. I want my family to be healthy and practice the healthy lifestyle as well. It also benefits me since i love working out and with coconut oil being used in my diets, it improves my cardiovascular and help me coup up with the intensity of my workouts.


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